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. year : 2004
. LOA : 31,5 | 105
. guests : 11
. cabins : 4
. crew : 5
. location : mediterranean

. PDF booklet : download Attimo booklet

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The Mediterranean
Tiny fishing villages, coves with turquoise waters, well-known cities, hidden coves…
Climbing aboard your yacht means setting off on an extraordinary voyage with stopovers of your choice.
Culture and discovery
The Mediterranean is the birthplace of great civilisations which have marked history: The Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Phoenicians…
Numerous testimonies of these cultures still exist. Carthage, Rhodes, Pompeii… you can visit them all at your own pace.
Longing to explore?
Attimo will be the departure point for your underwater escapades.
Moray eels,  sea urchins or coral…discover the richness and distinctiveness of the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean seabed.
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